Month in Review: April 2017

April’s been a busy month at Alloy. We’ve been wrapping up last year’s projects and are gearing up for the coming summer construction season. Here’s a quick update: 

Under Construction 

Kensington Laneway House 

The tarps are down and work on our Kensington Laneway House is coming along nicely. Drywall has been installed, and it's being primed and ready for painting. Our classic Alloy Homes stairs with white oak open rise stringers have been installed.

Next month we'll be installing cabinets, hanging doors, working on baseboards, prepping for tiles and putting the trim on windows.

Houndsfield Heights House 

We’re nearing completion and the interior is in preoccupancy mode. The custom-cast concrete hearth has been installed and is looking good. We’ve used the same hearth on the back deck to create the illusion that the concrete passes through the back wall of the house. These concrete pieces were dramatically craned in over top of the house and are on the deck waiting to be installed.  

We've re-used the old-growth fir beams that supported the vaulted ceiling in the clients’ original house on the property. They’ve been milled and laminated into a countertop for the kitchen island and the bathroom vanities. We used the off-cuts to create custom-crafted cutting boards for the family. It’s a great way to ensure that the memory of the original home lives on.  

Mt Pleasant House 

The old house on our Mt Pleasant site is gone. We turned off all the services including water, gas and power, and got a demolition permit from the City. Once the house was demolished we separated the concrete, copper, windows and wood for recycling. We've also been protecting trees that are to remain throughout the construction process. Next up is excavation for the foundation. 

This home features a dramatic two-storey foyer with full height glass wall and scultural stairwell. A large skylight washes the space in daylight. 

In Design 

The Vault 

This one’s a bit of a departure for us!  One of our existing clients has asked us to design the interiors of a new “Car Condo” that’ll become a display space and workshop for a vintage car and bike collection.  

The base building features 30’ ceilings with a mezzanine level so there’s a lot of room for architectural exploration. We're developing a vertical pulley system whereby the bikes will be displayed on racks suspended from the ceiling.  Each rack can lowered to the ground using a hand crank. We’re having a bit of fun with this and channeling a “Steampunk” vibe.  Stay tuned for more images as we refine the design! 

Garrison Green Renovation 

This one’s a smaller project but still presents some interesting challenges.  We’ve been asked to transform the interiors of a standard craftsman-style developer-built home in Garrison Green into one of our trademark family-friendly modern living spaces.  The house has good bones so we’re primarily using cabinetry, finishes, and detailing to enhance the flow and functionality of the home. 

University Heights Mid-Century Reno 

This one’s a really exciting project for us because It involves bringing out the full potential in an original mid-century modern bungalow that’s been subjected to a series of unfortunate renovations over the years.  There are so few of these in Calgary that every one is worth preserving as part of our architectural history.   

Our strategy is to build around the parts that work really well and let them inform the moves we make around them.  We’re working on a design that dramatically opens the home up to the park-like landscape in which it sits. We’re using the existing vaulted ceilings, exposed wood beams, full height walls of glass and a massive masonry fireplace as anchor points for our architectural intervention. 

Fractal House – Ramsay 

We're just about to start design work on what's sure to be a landmark home in Ramsay. A very tight triangular lot is leading us to ponder all sorts of unusual ideas...We'll post updates as we refine the design! 

In Other News 

We were honoured to be nominated as a finalist for “Renovator of the Year” at this month’s BILD Calgary SAM Awards Gala.  Although our primary focus is upon new construction, we bring all of the same passion and innovation when we’re asked to bring out the best in an existing home. 

Mace and Julia are heading to the CHBA National conference in St John’s, Newfoundland in May to represent the Alloy Team as we’ve been selected as finalists for 5 National Housing Awards of Excellence.  We’ll be sure to post updates here as soon as the winners are declared. 

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