Alloy Homes Shortlisted for 2016 WL Mag DOTY Award

We're pleased to announce that Alloy Homes has been selected by Western Living Magazine as a finalist for the 2016 Designer of the Year Awards.

Here's a brief except from the written submission that accompanied our application.  It describes what motivated us to establish the firm in the first place, and outlines the ways we feel we've contributed to the betterment of our city.  It seems the the editors at WL Mag agree!

We started the firm in 1997 as we looked around us and asked why great design was noticeably absent from the residential market.  Housing was simply treated as a commodity, with very little consideration given to the way that design can increase quality of life, decrease environmental impact and positively contribute to the character of a neighbourhood.
We observed that the role of the Architect had been marginalized in the mainstream building industry largely due to the perceived additional difficulty and cost of involving a design professional.   Our solution was to lead by example.  We took complete, turnkey control of the design-build process to increase efficiency, decrease cost, and to ensure that the integrity of our design vision was upheld in the finished product.  It didn’t take long for prospective clients to appreciate the benefits of this approach.
Buoyed by the massive growth that Calgary has experienced, and by Calgarians’ willingness to take a chance on something new once the benefits were made evident, we built a long term business based upon our vision.  Since our inception we have completed over 150 projects and have helped change the way people think about design. 

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